Control Tech - Company Profile

Control Tech is an automated equipment and tooling services firm which delivers cost-effective solutions to the aerospace, industrial, and marine markets. Our applications involve provisioning of professional engineering (PE) services, control system development, and design/build of custom and specialized equipment and tooling. Our skills and experience includes the following applications and cutting edge technologies:

We accommodate small to medium sized design and build projects in-house while we perform on-site commissioning for large and very large projects. We routinely supply electrical and mechanical drawings if you would like to complete the construction activities yourself, or, we will provide complete design/build services on your behalf. Our goal is to be flexible and responsive to your project needs and to make your job easier, more successful, and more profitable.

Our firm has been designing and fabricating well-engineered and sophisticated equipment and tooling systems since 1993. Our systems are designed to meet your requirements and industry standards, be trouble-free, and last for years.

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Our mission is to exceed our customer's expectations and provide cost-effective, timely, high-quality, and reliable equipment and tooling solutions. We make every effort to perform all tasks on-time and on-budget, and to exhibit high integrity and ethics in every aspect of the business.

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Our firm exhibits the highest standards possible in all aspects of our business. We place the very highest value on service, product performance, and quality; customer communications and satisfaction; integrity and ethics; timely delivery; and price/value. Our goal is to make your project a pleasant, enjoyable, and profitable experience.

We employ highly skilled, degreed, and licensed electrical and mechanical engineers. This means your project will be executed in a professional manner, it will meet or exceed current and accepted design standards, and it will meet your performance needs and requirements.

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Our firm has enjoyed steady yearly growth since inception in 1993, and, our projects have become larger and more sophisticated. Our growth is largely fueled by referral and reputation as communicated from one satisfied customer to another.

Perhaps the best measure of our performance is based upon what our customers say about us. For example, when we complete a project, we ask every customer if we are meeting their requirements and if there are any areas for performance improvement. The chart linked below indicates feedback received from customers over the past 8 years since inception of our ISO 9001:2008 Quality System.

Our customer satisfaction stands at ~ 95% and continues to increase slowly with time. As you can imagine, we are quite pleased with the result, however, we continuously strive for improvement in performance.