Control Tech - Electrical / Mechanical Fabrication

Control Tech's high-quality fabrication capabilities allow us to carry our engineering drawings through to a completed piece of high-quality equipment, complete with thorough training and documentation, rigorous testing and validation, and excellent customer service.

Control Techology

electrical & mechanical equipment fabrication

  • Generation of quality planning travelers
  • Preparation of purchase orders and procurement of materials and services
  • Assembly and wiring of electrical control panels to the UL 508A standard
  • Assembly of purchased and fabricated mechanical items into completed assemblies
  • Assembly and wiring of complete final assembly in accordance with NFPA 70 and NFPA 79 Standards
  • Thorough in-process and end-item inspection and testing in accordance with our planning travelers. System testing of integrated electrical and mechanical systems includes:
    • 100% continuity testing of electrical subassemblies and completed end items
    • 100% functional testing of completed end items using fabricated test panels and simulators and calibrated production instrumentation
    • Dimensional checks of all critical fabricated components
    • Validation and verification that equipment meets design inputs in accordance with written test procedure or checklist
    • Customers are encouraged to witness all testing, verification, and validation