HSTAB Cell Controller, Hole Probe, & Torque Tool

This custom PC + PLC controller system operates several types of tools that drill and fasten nuts and bolts located inside horizontal stabilizers allowing operators to reach all areas of the assembly and guides and records the work being done. The attached tools physically insert into the horizontal stabilizer for drilling, torquing, and measuring.

  • Guides operator and logs drilling and torquing of fastening devices on a Horizontal Stabilizer assembly
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) coordinates drill, fastener, and location for decreased takt time by minimizing chance of operator error
  • Streamlines operations by combining many standalone processes into a single unit
  • Optimized shop footprint and workflow by allowing 2 operators to work on different parts in parallel
  • Program provides immediate feedback and records selected operational data for review and analysis
HSTAB cell controller, hole probe, and torque tool

HSTAB cell controller, hole probe, and torque tool rear view