Realize your Factory 4.0 manufacturing goals with safe and efficient automation, driven by our sophisticated motion controls.

• Factory 4.0

• Mobile Tooling

• Assembly Systems

• Research & Development

• Prototyping

• Materials & Product Handling

• Automated Tooling & Equipment

Scaling operations for long-term impact with customizable workcells to realize your Industry 4.0 goals.

• 3D Machine Vision

• Modular Robotic Workcells

• Industry 4.0

• M2M & Self-monitoring Systems

• Custom End-effectors

• Lights Out Automation

Automated solutions for functional testing ensure the right data is logged, correct procedures are performed, and your productivity goals realized.

• Dimension Verification

• Torque Lock-out

• Electronic Test Stands

• Data Acquisition

• Fly-away Part Testing

• Automated Functional Testing

Creating code compliant framework to realize your operation and service goals.

• Utilities

• Ports

• Arenas

• Dams

• Water Processing

• Marine


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Horizontal Stabilizer Cell Controller and Torque Tool
HSTAB Cell Controller & Torque Tool
HSTAB cell controller, hole probe, and torque tool
HSTAB Cell Controller, Hole Probe, & Torque Tool
aircraft transmission tester
Transmission Tester
torque brake tester
Torque Brake Tester
Center aisle console test stand
Center Aisle Console Test Stand
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PTS Panel
Angle Lake
Angle Lake
Kuka fiber placement tool
Kuka Fiber Placement Tool
rocket fabrication tool
Rocket Fabrication Tool
rocket assembly tool
Rocket Assembly Tool
hot drape forming tool
Hot Drape Former
vertical parts carousel
Parts Carousel
main landing gear install tool
Main Landing Gear Install Tool
moving wing carriage
Moving Wing Carriage
integrated router cart
Integrated Router Cart
wing jack system
Wing Jacking System
mobile multiple temperature control system
Mobile Multiple Temperature Control System
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Sekiu Lift
target center minneapolis
Target Center Multipurpose Arena
vertical fin trailer
Vertical Fin Trailer
Hamilton well tower
Hamilton Well
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Port of Seattle Lift
SR520 drydocks project
SR520 Drydocks
spar tooling
Spar Tooling
hydraulic press cart
Hydraulic Press and Cart
trunion rotation tool
Trunion Rotation Tool
wing rivet fixture
Wing Rivet Fixture
Des Moines wells transformers
Des Moines Wells
CNC parts finishing inspection station
CNC Parts Finishing and Verification
polymer sanding and finishing robotic system render
Polymer Sanding & Finishing
Basic Optimized Transporter