SR520 Drydock

Control Technology teamed with the State of Washington and local engineering firms during the design and construction of the SR520 Drydock Project for the fabrication of pontoons for the SR520 bridge. We provided site electrical engineering which involved power generation and distribution with backup generators and circuit protection.

  • Drydock facility in Grays Harbor, WA for the fabrication of pontoons for the SR520 floating bridge
  • Electrical engineering services provided for the site and Hydraulic Control Structure (HCS)
  • Site loads and utilization included: Manitowoc Cranes, Batch cement facility, multiple site distribution panelboards, concrete pumping equipment, site trailer complex, site lighting
  • HCS loads and utilization included: emptying & flooding pumps, sump pumps, hoist motors, sluice gate actuators, valve actuators, bow and stern capstans, and distribution panelboards to upper and lower gate circuits
SR520 drydocks rendering